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"Feed the Group" Gift Basket "Pardon Our Dust" Gift Basket "Sweet Evening" Gift Basket
"Feed the Group" Gift Basket"Pardon Our Dust" Gift Basket"Sweet Evening" Gift Basket
Designed to feed as many as 20 people, this big basket contains a dozen Secret Brownies, Cheese Zingers, Honey Roasted Peanuts, 2 Olde Colony Cookies, Pretzels and Robert Rothchild Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip, and a bag of white cheddar...Pastel or Gold Oval Woodchip Container with a Beach Turtle Praline, Charleston Nut Company Salt Water Taffy, Mixed Chocolate Starfish, Boone Hall Strawberry Jam, Mike's Fried Peanuts, a chocolate Flip Flop, And a Giant Sweet Bottom Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie.Wonderful for a "thinking of you" or "just because" gift. Big bag of Godiva chocolate Truffles, Pirouline chocolate crème filled wafers, Cookies from Olde Colony Bakery, Wine and Cheese biscuits from Los Olivos, Salt Water taffy, water crackers...




The Bishop Basket VIP Basket "You're the Man!" Gift Basket
"Bishop" BasketVIP Basket "You're the Man!" Gift Basket
This one comes with your choice of Wine! Truly affordable with Benne Cheese Zingers and Benne Wafers from Olde Colony Bakery in Mt. Pleasant, Rainbow Row Trail Mix, Salt Water Taffy and 2 Beached Turtle Chocolate Pralines from We R Sweets in Myrtle Beach. .Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Starfish, Rainbow Row Mix, Dipping Pretzels, Raspberry Honey Mustard Dip, Benne Cheese Zingers, and Raspberry Sassies in a 9.5 inch oval planter. Choose from 3 Size/Price Options! Add a bottle...Make him feel special on a special day! Palmetto Beer, a rich Merlot, Cheese Zingers, Pimento Cheese Spread (will be substituted in shipped baskets), water crackers, 2 chocolate bars, 4 Secret Brownies, Olde Colony Cookies, Dipping Pretzels and...




"Thinking of You" Gift Basket "Celebration" Gift Basket Ultimate Charleston Gift Basket
"Thinking of You" Gift Basket"Celebration" Gift Basket"Ultimate Charleston" Gift Basket
Comfort foods--2 Brownies, Cookies, 2 assorted totes of Truffles, 2 biscotti, Packet of Tea, chocolate covered nuts, caramel corn, trail mix, Pretzels and Mustard, Spanish Olives, Mini Sausage, Cheese spread, water crackers and more make a great gift basket!Big Chocolate bar, Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles, Cheese straws, Cheese Spread, Crackers, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Summer Sausage, Spanish olives, and 2 Cookie Selections from Old Colony. Choose from 3 Size/Price Options! Add a...

A Gift Basket Full of Charleston Specialties. Includes Benne Wafers, Key lime Cookies, Good Ole Grits, She Crab Soup Mix, Crab Dip Mix, Charleston Taffy, Mixed Chocolate Starfish, Honey Roasted Peanuts and Praline Pecans, 2 Turtle Pecan Pralines,...




Golden Day at the Beach Carolina Cool Gift Basket Coastal Carolina Gift Basket
"A Golden Day at the Beach" Charleston Gift Basket"Carolina Cool Charleston" Gift Basket "Coastal Carolina" Gift Basket
Charleston Gift Basket Goodies include Bennie Wafers, 2 Old Colony Cookies, Bennie Cheese Zingers, East Shore pretzels and mustard, 2 turtle pralines, Mixes for Hushpuppies, Grandputters Fried Oyster Mix, Shrimp and Grits, and Crab Dip, and some...

How Cool is this gift basket! Chocolate Sand Dollar, Large Strawberry Jam from Boone Hall Strawberries, East Shore Pretzels and mustard, Bennie Wafers and 1 Old Colony Cookies, Water Crackers, Cheese Spread, and Fried Peanuts. Add your choice of...

2 Giant Sweet Bottom (fudge dipped chocolate chip) Cookies, 2 chocolate sand dollars, chocolate starfish, beach turtle praline, 2 Olde Colony cookies, white cheddar popcorn, East Shore pretzels and mustard, cheese zingers, praline pecans, Mike's...




Big Blue Balloons to add to your Basket Undecided Gift Basket
"Big Blue" Gift BasketColorful Helium Balloon (mylar or latex)Undecided?
If you're blue, this one will make it better! Milk and Dark Chocolate Bars, Pirouline Wafers, Olde Colony cookies, Trufflettes de France Truffle Tote, Foccacia Crisps, Brie Cheese Spread (non-perishable), Benne Cheese Zingers, Spanish olives,...

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