"A Golden Day at the Beach" Charleston Gift Basket

Gold Market Tray
1 Original Benne Wafer
1 Key Lime Cookies from Olde Colony Bakery
1 Razzberry Sassies
1 Benne Cheese Zingers
1 Dipping Pretzels from East Shore
1 2.25 Flavored Mustard
2 Canipes Chocolate Beach Turtle Pralines
1 Good Ole Grits
1 Crab Dip Mix from Gullah Gourmet
1 Shrimp and Grits Mix from Gullah Gourmet
1 Creamy Crab Soup Mix
1 Hand Decorated Charleston Sand Dollars
3 price/size options
 The decorated sand dollar makes a special souvenir!
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Price $105.00

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