Muscadine South Carolina Wines from Charleston

It's pretty simple, actually, muscadines are the only grape native to the US and they thrive in the heat and humidity of the south.  We realize that the typical encounter with muscadine wine is syrupy-sweet, but we find that some of our most popular wines are those we have blended to be more dry.  Whether this is your first experience with the "super grape" called muscadine, or you grew up with them growing wild in your backyard; we encourage you to try our take on muscadine wine; we think you'll be surprised.  3 Varieties:  

1) "Mognolia" -This sweet white wine is made from the Carlos Scuppernong grape; this wine reminds us of kicking your shoes off and enjoying an endless summer.

2) "Deep Water Blend"- Uniquely created each year, this wine showcases the versatility of our grapes; enjoy early and often, there's more next year. 

3) "Low Country Red"-Our dry red wine, made with the Ison Muscadine grape, is fruity and fully flavored; try it while enjoying your favorite low-country farm to table fare.

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