"Thinking of You" Gift Basket

Wonderful for a get well or sympathy gift basket, or "just because".

This gift basket makes the world a better place!

Comfort foods--

2 Brownies,

1 Olde Colony Cookie

1 Large assorted box of Truffllets de France

2 biscotti

1 Packet of Hemingway Tea

1 Godiva chocolate covered Almonds

1 Annies caramel corn

1 Rainbow Row trail mix

1 Dipping Pretzels

1 Flavored Mustard

1 Spanish Olives

1 Summer Sausage,

1 Cheese spread

1 vineyard collection water crackers 

Add  fresh fruit at an additional charge.

Choose from 3 Size/Price Options. 

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Price $90.00
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